Grade 10 checklist

Inquiring, creating, communicating and operating with ICT these are the for thing you need to cover In the grade 10 checklist.

If you want to know more about that grade 10 checklist here is the page

Everyone from grade 7 to grade ten can do these, I’m in grade 8 this year and I’m stating to cover some of the checklist points.

Digital Footprint

A digital footprint on the Internet is very important thing especially a positiveone. 

If you were going of a new job the employer could look you up on, eg. MySpace or Facebook etc. If there was pictures of you  that the employer didn’t like that may stop you from getting the one you want. So don’t put the pictures up that could stop you from gettting a job. Like of you drinking and you going off your head.

Sim Sweatshop

I have been playing a few different simulation game lately but my favourite is Sim Sweatshop.

In the game you play a shoe maker, you earn $6.05 a 12 hour day. You have to use your money to buy a drink and food to build your energy. If you don’t you will fail the game.

It’s fun to play but in other ways it’s sad because of the fact that in some places that really happens.

German plaits

German plaits are like french plaits but they are 3D and look awesome! Go Germany 🙂 but France is awesome as well 🙂

 They are my favourite plaits even if some people don’t like them *grrrrr.* But anyways. They are really simple if you know how to do the french plait. i will put a video and pictures up so you can see what they look like.

Instead of plaiting your hair over you plait under, it will make more sense when you look at the video. every time you go to plait a piece of hair you add another strand of hair so it will stay to you head.


^this is a german plait 😀              ^this is a french plait 🙂


Hey everyone.

This year we have had a new rotation, it’s cheerleading. We have had a competition at the start of the year we got first in pom and second in cheer.

There are all different types of cheerleading like.

Pom, where we use poms.

Cheer, where we have stunts.

and Combo, where you have both poms and stunts.

During last term a few people in our cheerleading group got selected to go to Brisbane and compete in the WCC Asia- Pacific finals. Djia, Danni, Sophie, Ben, Shaun and me got selected out of the grade 8 cheer and a few 9/10’s but they didn’t want to go. We had training every Tuesday nights, we also had training on Sunday’s. A week before I went to Brisbane we had it everyday.

Our group was called Cheersport Tasmania, Tassie Devils. We had 17 people in the group all from different cheer teams.

The competition was held at the Bondal Entertain Centre in Brisbane. There were so many different teams there, we stayed at the same hotel as the Northern Queensland team and shared a bus with them also. There was a team from the Philippines called the CCP Bobcats they were really good.

We competed on the Sunday, but a few people did on the Saturday because they had stunt groups. We preformed our pom first then combo and then cheer. We came First in our Combo, Fourth in Cheer and last in Pom.

The trip was really fun, everyone got closer and now we are really good friends.


Hello everyone,

Ya it’s christmas hoildays! I have been waiting for christmas for ages! I got a laptop it’s a purple Dell, some clothes and lots of money. what did you get for Christmas??

Did you go anywhere or do anything for Christmas?

For christmas eve my mum’s side of the family always goes to my nan and pop’s for lunch, it’s like one of our family traditions. For the past like 4 years my cousin and I stay at our nan and pop’s for christmas eve eve ( thats what we like to call it) to help set up for they day after. We stay up late, watch movies, eat lots of lollies and go hypo 🙂 I look forward to it every year 🙂

On christmas day my nan and pop came down for a late Christmas lunch. They got to look at all of our presents and we showed them how things worked, we had alot of fun. Can’t wait till christamas next year 🙂