Skype Call

Hi tomorrow I’m going to do a Skype call with Ashley from America.

I can’t wait, it’s going to be so fun. All my friends are going to say hi, I’m really excited and looking ford to it. I’ll tell you how the call goes tomorrow.

I think Ashley is going to make the call from home with a couple of her friends, I would really like to see what Ashley and her friends look like 🙂

A Skype call is a web chat from computer to computer with a web cam and a microphone. You have to create a Skype account and download it onto your computer.

I will keep you updated with the call.

13 thoughts on “Skype Call

  1. Hey Ash!
    Im ready for our call tonight. I have a question or 2 before we start, what skype account are you going to be using? And Im guessing you’re using a web cam right? Because if you are, I’ll use one too! Hopefully my friends will come lol, becuase I talked to them, but being 9pm it might be an issue. But dont worry! Im defiantely not going to forget and Ill be on! Cant wait! So excited! lol


  2. Hey
    Im calling at 9pm my time lol. My account name is ashleyf09 and yeah ill use a webcam! Im gonna call Miss Wyatts account is that ok? Cant wait too exicted! lol

  3. Hi Ash!
    I know, school is important! Most people just say it’s a waste of time and that it’s better to just stay home sleeping, but the people that say that don’t realize that they are nothing without school. Skype is very cool. You can talk to anyone in the world! I dont have Skype but i know people who do!
    Visit me!

  4. Hey Ash!
    Thanks for last night I had alot of fun!!!! It was realy awesome getting to see you and your friends. After the call ended i was sad and wanted to do it again lol. Did you have fun?


  5. Hey Ash!
    i hope we can do it again too!

    Yeah it usually snows around christmas time and it looks really pretty. Im guessing since its summer there ti doesnt snow right? lol

    Oh yeah whats bbfl? sorry i saw it as your name thing and I was curious.


  6. I know Ashley! She goes to my school.

    I want you to do me a favor, we need to write a paper about life in America during the 1820’s. Can you read it for me? Please comment back at my blog.

  7. Hey Ash!’
    ooh it rains? that kinda stinks):

    haha ok ill have to rememeber that.


  8. Wow!
    So many people are mentioning this subject! It must be truly exciting to chat with Ashley! I can’t wait to hear more and find out what happened. Make sure to write back and make a post to tell us exactly how it went and how Ashley was.
    When will you both talk?
    Good luck and have lots of fun! This is a once in a lifetime chance you know!!!

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